28 April – 1 May 2000


“All the nations will walk in the light of the Lamb”

A grace for the Holy Year

Finally the time had arrived to unite as one family from all over the world to celebrate the Great Gathering of the Catholic Charismatic Family in Rimini.

After months of preparation and planning for this special event, organised by RnS and ICCRS and accommodating approximately 32,000 people, we can all rejoice and thank God that it was all worth it. Although, at times, the going was tough for both organisers and delegates, challenged by many difficulties, we can all confidently say, yes LORD, it was all worth it! We are One Body, One Spirit, One Faith, One Vocation. Alleluia because God is a Faithful God and He helped us all in reaching our potential to understand that He is the only Resurrected Christ.

As people began arriving you could hear the echoing of their rejoicing and praising of God. The atmosphere in the Fiera was filled with people singing and rejoicing that Christ has resurrected. Alleluia! On the first day of the conference, 28 April, you could feel the Lord’s presence even though many people were very tired after long journeys, some of which lasting four days, so that they could participate in this Great Gathering. Mass was presided by Card. James Francis Stafford, president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, who read the message that the Holy Father himself wrote to all the participants at Rimini.

Ralph Martin, Fr. Jacques Philippe, leader of the Beatitudes Community and Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa gave the main teachings. It was evident that Christ was amongst us and that much healing took place. Fr. Rufus Pereira, a member of the ICCRS Council, led a moment of healing at the end of one of the Masses, celebrated in the large “Fiera”, and many witnessed God’s healing power.

There was also the Ecumenical Celebration coordinated by Matteo Calisi, with Bishop Mar Bawai Soro, from the Assyrian Church, Bishop Graham Dow, from the Anglican Church, Bishop Giuseppe Chiaretti, from the Catholic Church, Rev. Peter Dippl, Co-president ECC, Rev. Gaetano Sottile, secretary of the Worldwide Evangelical Alliance. The Pope himself wrote in his message: “I am especially pleased to know that representatives from other Churches and ecclesial Communities are participating in your meeting and I wish to warmly greet them”.

The Conference ended with the Eucharistic Celebration presided by His Excellency Mons. Onesimo Cepeda Silva (Bishop of Ecatepec, Mexico), who also led the assembly into a time of powerful healing.

Finally, the event that every- one was waiting for, the Rome Jubilee 2000 Pilgrimage. The Pilgrimage began on the afternoon of 1 May in Rimini, and 750 people, of the 1,800 ICCRS delegates coming from some 70 countries that attended the Rimini event, lived in unity this event organised by ICCRS. It was a joy, once again, to come together with brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world in order to experience God’s love. Allan Panozza, President of ICCRS greeted and introduced pilgrims from all over the world, Australia, Nigeria, Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, Francia and Canada, just to name a few countries. Oreste Pesare, Director of ICCRS, set the scene for the pilgrimage when he highlighted to the pilgrims the importance of living a pilgrimage as a sacred time and not just a holiday.

On the first day of the pilgrimage we visited the sites of Saint Francis in Assisi. In the afternoon, Fr. Bob Faricy celebrated the Eucharist at the Porziuncola Basilica. During his homily, he gave a strong message about the charism of speaking in tongues and this prompted some people, who had been having difficulties with this for some time, to begin singing in tongues. Many prophetic messages were given and healings took place. We all felt as convoked by the Lord Himself who was calling us for a special mission in the Church, promising a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit. “You are the new prophetic word for the Church of today”. There was also a special blessing for the African people, the promise that if they would pray in faith, the Lord would accomplish a project of peace for the whole continent.

The day after, was spent in Rome where, in the morning, we participated in the General Audience with the Holy Father. He greeted, in a special way, “the 750 participants to the Pilgrimage organised by ICCRS!”. In the afternoon Mass was celebrated by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa in the Major Basilica of St. John Lateran. It was a real prophetic time for all the Renewal (see his homily published in this special issue).

The last day was the “high point” of our Jubilee Pilgrimage! “You enter in this way into the heart of the Great Jubilee”, Bp. Rylko said, introducing the Eucharistic Celebration in St. Peter Basilica. Nearly thirty priests were standing around the altar just under the “Glory” of the famous Italian artist Bernini. A “heartfelt welcome” on behalf of the Pontifical Council for the Laity was given from Bp. Rylko to all participants and especially to Allan Panozza. “I wish to congratulate you for this most welcoming initiative”, said the Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Laity. “After the extraordinary experience you just lived in your Rimini Congress, in this solemn Eucharistic Celebration here in St. Peter’s Basilica, your Jubilee Pilgrimage reaches its high point”.

“Whoever encounters Christ cannot help but announce him to others”, said Bp. Rylko in his homily. “On the threshold of the third millennium Christians are facing a great challenge: evangelization… The world needs many authentic and coherent witnesses… Announcing Christ means to be ready to go against the current”. That was the prayer at the end of the homily: that Christ could give us, according to his promises, his Spirit without measure. “Let’s hope – concluded Bp. Rylko – that thanks to the Jubilee celebration, the Holy Spirit pours abundantly into our hearts a renewed missionary zeal, molding us into authentic witnesses of Christ in the world”.

The Pilgrimage ended with the visit to the Catacombs of St. Callisto, a place well known to Charismatics for the Mass that was celebrated there in 1975 after the memorable meeting with Paul VI who addressed the Charismatic Renewal as a “chance for the Church and for the world”. While they were led through the alleys, the pilgrims had the opportunity to reflect, during this Great Jubilee, on their Christian roots and on their call to be witnesses to the world proclaiming that the Lord is the same yesterday, now and forever!

The staff of ICCRS

Taken from the ICCRS Newsletter May-June 2000

Message from the Holy Father - read by Cardinal James Francis Stafford

During the Great Gathering of the Catholic Charismatic Family, held at Rimini from April 28th to May 1st 2000, Cardinal James Francis Stafford, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, read the message that the Holy Father wrote to all participants at the meeting. Here follows the English version of the message.

Very dear Brothers and Sisters!

1. With great joy I greet you on the occasion of the “Great Gathering of the Catholic Charismatic Family”, which is being held in Rimini. It has been several years now that “Renewal in the Spirit” has been celebrating its “National Meeting” at the beginning of May. On the occasion of the Jubilee Year, this appointment has taken on a special dimension for the presence of so many groups and charismatic communities coming from different countries in the world. Therefore, rightly so, your meeting is taking place under the patronage of an organisation, the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS), whose task is to coordinate and promote exchange of experiences and reflections among Catholic Charismatic Communities throughout the world. Thanks to this, the wealth present in each community is for the benefit of everybody and all the communities can more easily perceive the bond of communion which binds them to each other and to the whole Church. I warmly greet the President of ICCRS, Mr. Allan Panozza, and the National Coordinator of the “Renewal in the Holy Spirit”, Mr. Salvatore Martinez, together with all members of the National Service Committee.

2. This international meeting in Rimini is for you a stage of the Jubilee pilgrimage. By celebrating the two thousand years of the Incarnation, we are all called to turn and look towards Christ, “Light of people”. By looking at Him, amazement and gratitude are renewed in us: the Son of God became man, He died for our salvation, He rose and lives.

Christ lives! He is the Lord! This is the certainty of our faith. Whilst we proclaim this with humility and firmness, we are aware of the fact that this certainty is not from us. If we were able to know Christ, it is because he Himself made Himself known to us by giving His Spirit: “Nobody is able to say, ‘Jesus is Lord’ except in the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12:3)

By making Himself known, Christ has not left us alone. The new people of God are born in the Spirit, because “it was God’s wish to sanctify and save mankind not individually and without any link among themselves, but He wanted to form them into a people who would recognise Him in truth and serve Him in holiness (Const.dogm. Lumen Gentium, 9). Every authentic ecclesial community is part of these people who for two thousand years have been journeying throughout the world. Although belonging to a specific community, every baptised person is, however, open to receiving the wealth of the universal Church, which is the Church of all centuries.

3. The Church considers with gratitude the flourishing of living communities, where faith is transmitted and experienced. In this flourishing, it recognises the work of the Holy Spirit, who never fails to give the Church those necessary graces to tackle new situations which are sometimes difficult. Many of you will recall the big meeting which was held in Rome on 30th May 1998 on the eve of Pentecost. On that occasion I said “In our world, which is often dominated by a secularized culture which foments and claims models of life without God, the faith of many is put to a hard test, and is often suffocated and dies. Therefore, there is an urgent need to strongly announce as well as have a solid and deep Christian formation. How much need there is today for mature Christian figure-heads, who are aware of their own baptisimal identity, of their own vocation and mission in the Church and in the world! How much need there is for living Christian communities! And then, here are the movements and new ecclesial communities: they are the answer, aroused by the Holy Spirit, to this dramatic challenge at the end of the millnnium” (In: “Osservatore Romano”, 1-2 June 1998, pages 6-7)

On that occasion I noticed that there was now a new stage also for the movements, “the one of ecclesial maturity” (ibid). Also charismatic communities are called today to make this step and I am certain that, for ecclesial awareness to mature in the different charismatic communities throughout the world, ICCRS can have an important role. What I said at that time in St. Peter’s Square, I repeat to all of you here in Rimini: “The Church expects from you “mature” fruit in communion and commitment” (ibid).

4. Within your communities, in different circumstances, a journey has begun for each one of you. This leads to an awareness and greater and greater love for Christ. Do not interrupt the journey undertaken! Trust: Christ will complete the work which He Himself began. “Set your mind on the higher gifts!” (1 Co.12:31). Always seek Christ: seek Him when meditating the Word of God, seek Him in the sacraments, seek Him in prayer, seek Him in witnessing by our brothers and sisters. Be grateful to the priests who accompany as pastors your communities: through their ministry it is the Church who guides you and assists you as mother and teacher. Accept with joy the occasions which are offered to you to study further in depth your Christian formation. Serve Christ in the people who are close to you, serve Him in the poor, serve Him in need and in the needs of the Church. Let yourselves be truly guided by the Spirit! Love the Church: one holy catholic and apostolic!

I am especially pleased to know that representatives from other Churches and ecclesial Communities are participating in your meeting and I wish to warmly greet them. By joining in the common praise, you have accepted my invitation formulated in the Bull of Indiction of the Great Jubilee: “Let’s all hurry, from the different Churches and ecclesial Communities scattered throughout the world, towards the feast which is being prepared. We are carrying with us what already joins us and our eyes only look up at Christ. This allows us to grow in unity which is the fruit of the Spirit” (Incarnationis mysterium 4).

Whilst together with you I pray to the Virgin Mary, so that each one may receive the gift of the Spirit to bear witness to Christ there, where he lives. I am glad to bestow upon you, dear Brothers and Sisters, as well as to your families, my affectionate Benediction.

Vatican, 24th April 2000 John Paul II

Taken from the ICCRS Newsletter May-June 2000

I want to be a prophet for God! - By Fr Raniero Cantalamessa

On 3rd May 2000, in St. John Lateran, the 750 charismatics participating in the Rome Jubilee 2000 Pilgrimage organised by ICCRS, celebrated a Holy Mass presided by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa. It was a time of praise and worship, but most of all a prophetic time. Fr. Raniero gave a very anointed homily, encouraging all present to be witnesses and prophets for the Lord. Here follows the whole text of the homily by Fr. Raniero.

“The Lord’s Spirit is upon me,
for he has anointed me
to bring Good News to the afflicted.
He has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives,
sight to the blind,
freedom to the oppressed,
and to proclaim a year of favour
from the Lord. (Lk 4, 18-19)

With these words, proclaimed in the synagogue at Nazareth immediately after his baptism in the Jordan, Jesus inaugurated the first Christian Jubilee in history – a year of favour from the Lord.

The Jubilee is rooted in the Holy Spirit. Until 1300, the year Boniface VIII instituted the Jubilee in its present form, Pentecost was considered the annual jubilee of the Church, because it occurred on the fiftieth day, as the jubilee did every fiftieth year (Origen). A medieval hymn for Pentecost says: “Search out the mystery! / And you will see/ that this holy festival / achieves the jubilee” (Adam of St Victor).

All the benefits we associate with the idea of jubilee: remission of sin, ransom from slavery, sight for the blind, healing for broken hearts, reconciliation with God – everything, after Easter, is contained in a single name: The Holy Spirit!

The true jubilee, the spiritual and interior one that interests God, is the work of the Paraclete. Everything else is subordinate to this and must lead to this.

The Jubilee is, first of all, a free gift of God, a “year of favour from the Lord”. I remember an incident that happened at the end of the last war, the day the Germans began to retreat from my town. Word spread that the military storehouses were open and anybody could go and help themselves to whatever they wanted. Imagine the reaction of people who had suffered the bleakest hunger and lacked the most essential things! I can still remember the lines of people making their way from the countryside, encouraging one another to keep going, and then the procession home, some carrying food, others blankets or other supplies.

This Great Jubilee should see the same thing happen! The storehouses of God’s grace and mercy are open! To everyone the Church repeats the invitation we read in Isaiah:

“Oh come to the water all you who are thirsty,
though you have no money, come!
Buy and eat, come, buy wine and milk
without charge, at no cost!” (Is. 55,1)

We in the Charismatic Renewal have experienced what Isaiah describes in these words. We know what it means to “have no money”, to be poor, miserable, utterly undeserving, and despite it all, to receive the living water, the new wine, the milk and honey of the Holy Spirit.

The organisers have rightly linked this world gathering of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Rome with the one that took place in 1975 and culminated in the meeting with the Pope in St Peter’s.

So now is the time to ask ourselves how far we have come since then – it is a time for discernment. Then, our main aspiration was to be recognised and accepted by the institutional Church. Surprisingly, given the circumstances, that recognition came, though only in an oral and unofficial way. Paul VI defined the Renewal as “a chance for the Church”. In fact he gave it a motto and a programme, in the well-known words I recalled at Rimini: Laeti bibamus sobriam profusionem Spiritus, let us joyfully drink from the Sprit’s sober abundance.

Now, 25 years later, what do we aspire to? What are we searching for? The Charismatic Renewal, meanwhile, has received more than one recognition, formally but also in practice. More and more frequently, the Renewal is entrusted with tasks, things to organise, offices to fill. It is no secret that we are greatly relied upon.

The time has come to ask ourselves: What is the service we are called to give to the Church, the reason why the Lord raised up the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church? Here I must open my heart to you as a brother. I fear that all this recognition is making us forget the one thing necessary, without our realising it. Our fidelity to the hierarchy is not in question.

All of us love the Church and wish to serve it: on this point there is no discussion. The question is: What service are we called to give to the Church? Is it “the service of tables”, as the Acts of the Apostles puts it, or is it “prayer and the ministry of the Word” (Ac 6, 2-4)?

Many lay people in the beginning embraced the Renewal happy that at last they could contribute to building up the Church by doing more than just helping the parish priest to run parties and the parish lottery and things like that. The service we are called to give to the Church is a prophetic one. Without it, we would have no more reason to exist. There are countless other things that other people do, and do well. Ours is a humble service, but indispensable. Without prophecy, the Church languishes, its message cannot pierce the heart.

What do I mean by prophecy? I mean what Paul meant when he wrote: “But if you were all prophesying when an unbeliever or someone uninitiated came in, he would find himself put to the test by all and judged by all, and the secrets of his heart revealed, and so he would fall down on his face and worship God, declaring that God is indeed among you” (1Cor 14, 24-25).

We all remember the days when, if a charismatic gathering started praying, even the outsiders present – photographers, journalists, TV technicians – even the stones!, were overcome by the sensation of the supernatural. And now? Isn’t it true that our meetings are becoming more and more like any ordinary gathering of the faithful?

Just another movement in the Church: is this what we want to be? The hierarchy have every right to insist that we find our place within certain canonically recognisable realities, so that they know who they are dealing with. They have every right to consider us as one among many ecclesial movements. The point is, do we end up thinking of ourselves as just another movement like the rest, a force in the Church, complete in itself, that makes its presence felt in more and more new areas?

Past experience in the Church shows that this is the best way of levelling down all religious Orders and making them lose their particular charism, and thereby also lose their initial vigour. Again, what is in question is not our growing in the communion and collaboration with other ecclesial movements. This has been recommended by the pope himself and it is in the nature of charisms to recognise and accept each other as coming from the same Spirit.

But we must preserve as long as possible the spirit and novelty of the Renewal, which doesn’t consist in being an ecclesial movement, with a founder, a Rule and a spirituality of its own, rather, in being a current of grace for the renewal of the whole Church.

Personally, I am grateful to all those brothers who have worked over the years to establish the relationships of trust and co-operation with the hierarchy whose fruits we see today. This is a precious benefit and no-one disputes it.

The question is: what are we now going to do with all this recognition? What use will we make of it? Will we let success go to our heads, and lose sight of God’s purpose in raising up the Renewal? (The danger is there). Or will we use it to become even more a prophetic leaven, a charismatic presence, in the Church? Someone, in the early days, defined the purpose of the Renewal in a single phrase: “To give the power back to God”! It is a definition we need to remember today, more than ever.

In 1992 there was at Monterrey, in Mexico, a retreat for the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America, attended by 1700 priests and 70 bishops from all over Latin America. During a Mass, after Holy Communion, they prayed for a new anointing of the Spirit. It was a true moment of Pentecost. Bishops and priests kneeling down, being prayed over and asking lay people present to pray for them.

In the homily I had stressed the need the Church has for prophets. Now I was sitting alone in the presbytery interceding for the assembly. A young priest came straight over to me, knelt down and said: “Bendìgame, Padre: quiero ser profeta de Dios!, “Give me your blessing, Father, I want to be a prophet for God”. It gave me a shiver, I could see that he was serious and God really was calling him. I blessed him and he went away in silence.

What a splendid way of concluding this Jubilee pilgrimage to Rome: Go home, brothers and sisters, with this same decision in your heart: I want to be a prophet for God.

Taken from the ICCRS Newsletter May-June 2000


The ICCRS council recently announced plans to co-sponsor a conference with the Italian Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Rimini Italy April 28 to May 1 2000. This landmark event will be followed by an ICCRS sponsored Pilgrimage to Rome and other holy sights from May 1 to May 5.

The Great Gathering is a most appropriate name for this event with an International Catholic Charismatic visit of several thousands joining well over 45,000 Italians at the conference.

Mr Charles Whitehead, president of the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services was excited to announce the event.“I have had the opportunity to attend the Rimini conference before, and I have always been impressed. The praise is stirring, the liturgies are beautiful and the love, joy, and enthusiasm of the people is quite contagious. You can not come to Rimini and not be changed. Now as great of a conference as it is, add to that the international flavour of the world wide Catholic charismatic Renewal joining into this. This will be quite a moment for the renewal, and I think the Church”.

Mr Oreste Pesare, Director for the ICCRS council was quick to underscore the significance of the international dimension of this conference. “This will be an occasion for the world wide renewal to meet together and share a special moment together in the Jubilee year. The Charismatic renewal, especially when considered from a global perspective is indeed a very diverse gathering of people. Yet, by the action of the spirit in our lives, there is a great unity in the midst of our diversity. You know, the Spirit was given to the early church when they were all gathered together in one place. The unity and enthusiasm that flowed out of that upper room was a sign to all that God’s power had been poured out. Let us be together in one place this Jubilee year. Let our unity and enthusaism once again be a sign to all that the Spirit of God is moving on the earth today”.

The Rimini conference, which has been meeting for 23 years, has grown in every way. Over the years, every Cardinal and Bishop in Italy has attended the event at one time or another. People from other nations attend. There is a growing number of ecumenical participants who attend each year, drawn by the power of the Holy Spirit. A particulary interesting note about this gathering is that men and women who are not part of the Catholic charismatic renewal, but involved in the broader church attend the conference in greater and greater numbers each year.

As broad of an appeal as the conference has, it is still strongly charismatic with powerful expression of gifts, annointed teaching, and enthusiastic worship. Some kind of grace seems to be upon this event which allows it to be very appealing to both the broader Church, and to those involved with the charismatic Renewal.

Mr Matteo Calisi, a leader in the Italian charismatic renewal as well as an ICCRS member, stressed the importance of the International Charismatic visitors to this event. For many years, Europe sent missionaries out all over the world in a zeal for evangelization. Happily, in many nations the gospel has taken root and is bearing marvelous fruit, especially in the third world. Now it is time for the people of these nations to return to Europe, to Rome and share their evangelistic zeal with us.

Calisi pointed out the significance of this holy area, which the conferees will have a chance to visit on the Pilgrimage that follows the conference. We will visit places where the early chrisitans literally shed their blood for the spreading of the gospel. These very shrines will cry out to us, challenging us to pour our lives out in this day for a new evangelization, an new time of human history in the third Millenium.

Mr Whitehead extended an invitation to all in the Catholic charismatic Renewal for the Conference and Pilgrimage event. For a Catholic to make a Pilgrimage to Rome in the Jubilee year is a wonderful thing. We certainly hope our brothers and sisters will join us in Italy to celebrate this Jubilee year here together, and together to give witness in Rome of the tremendous outpouring of the Holy spirit in our day. I truly hope to see many, many of our people in Italy in April and May.

Taken from the ICCRS Newsletter May-June 1999

Open to All Interested in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Great Gathering of the Catholic Charismatic Family will start in the afternoon of 28th April and end after lunch 1st May 2000. The theme of the meeting is “All the nations will walk in the light of the Lamb” (Cf.Rev. 21:24).

The programme outline is as follows:
– 28th April : Opening session.
– 29th April : 1st & 2nd sessions – One body: Church and Charisms; One spirit : Unity and Reconciliation.
– 30th April : 3rd session – One faith : Eucharist and Charity.
– 1st May : 4th session – One Vocation : Mission and Evangelisation & Closing session.

There will be great speakers, amongst others, Ralph Martin, Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, His Em. Card. Stafford, and Fr. Jacques Philippe.

Special sessions are planned: a christian concert, an ecumenical procession, a moment of communion with other Catholic Movements. A special videoconference with Pope John Paul II is also being planned.

The cost for all non-Italian delegates (from outside Italy) of ICCRS is as follows:
– The registration fee will be USD 100.00.
– There are two types of accommodation: Hotel type A and type B:
Hotel A = x 3 days = USD 106.00
Hotel B = x 3 days = USD 81.00
The difference between A and B is minor, type A will no doubt offer better value and comfort.
The, all inclusive, Rimini 2000 cost per person, depending on the choice, is as follows:
Hotel A = USD 206.00
Hotel B = USD 181.00

Rome Jubilee 2000 Pilgrimage will start in the afternoon of 1st May and end on 5th May 2000.
The programme outline will be as follows:
– 1st May = Opening session – Rimini.
– 2nd May = Journey by coach, Rimini-Assisi-Fiuggi with visit of Assisi.
– 3rd & 4th May = Visit St. Peter’s and other Major Basilicas, Catacombs in Rome.
– 5th May = Departure.

The guides will include Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, Fr. Bob Faricy, S.E. Mons. Stanislaw Rylko, ICCRS council members.

The total Rome Jubilee 2000 Pilgrimage cost, per person, is USD 444.00 – inclusive of 179.00 USD registration fee.

Thus the all inclusive (Rimini 2000 and Rome Jubilee 2000 Pilgrimage) cost per delegate is:
Rimini 2000 (Hotel A) = USD 206.00 (Hotel B) = USD 181.00
Rome Jubilee 2000 Pilgrimage = USD 444.00 = USD 444.00
Total = USD 650.00 Total = USD 625.00
** N:B:Prices may be subject to a slight variation

For further information and for a Registration Form, please contact the ICCRS Office:
fax: +39 06 69 88 75 30 e-mail: 2000events@iccrs.org or visit our web page: www.iccrs.org

“Great Gathering of the Catholic Charismatic Family” and “Rome Jubilee 2000 Pilgrimage”

Dear nations, all you living in the four corners of the Earth.

The Jubilee, the Jubilee… what can one do to keep this a joyous subject when it has already been spoken about for so many months and, before it has even begun, some may have even grown weary of it?

Well, don’t tire, awaken your spirit. ICCRS is offering you the chance to participate in two wonderful events.

Where? The first event is at Rimini, Italy, there where the RnS (the Italian “Rinnovamento nello Spirito”) have been meeting for more than twenty years. And then, for the second event, on to Assisi and finally to Rome, the Jubilee place par excellence.

To do what? To walk in the light of the Lamb. He is there, before us, and is calling us to go forward towards each other, and towards those who do not know Him. We must not “stop” in this year, but instead we must allow ourselves to be sent to announce His name to the ends of the Earth. It’s His light that shines on us.

Why? Because we want to grow in evangelical love and in unity. Our prayer is to be especially thoughtful to our brothers who have been invited and who are present with us.

By whom? Those that the Lord has chosen to announce it, those from all the Church: cardinals (Cardinal Stafford, Cardinal Trujillo…), bishops (Mons. De Nicolò, Mons. Onésimo Cepeda Silva) priests (Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, Fr. Jacques Philippe), lay people (Ralph Martin, Matteo Calisi, Chiara Lubich, Andrea Riccardi…) and the president of ICCRS as well as the co-ordinator of RnS.

The programme? Of course there will be the Eucharist every day, teachings, adoration, liturgy, celebrations and even a video conference with the Holy Father (at Rimini), and also visits to the basilicas and other Jubilee sites at Assisi and Rome.

When? From 28th April to 1st May 2000, at Rimini, and then from 1st to 5th May at Rome and Assisi.
We are waiting for you, along with thousands of your Catholic Charismatic brothers and sisters from all around the world.

Therefore jubilate, let us shout for joy and allow ourselves to be led by the Lamb!

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