19 – 23 May 2010


It was with great joy and expectation that around 300 participants from 40 countries came together in Assisi to participate in the special Road to Pentecost ICCRS intercession event.

The programme was varied and included inspiring teachings, reflecting the different continental perspectives on intercession.

There were informative workshops covering various aspects of intercession plus many special prayer times.

There were several highlights of our time together, such as, the Pentecost Vigil where we all gathered together to pray for a new out-pouring of the Holy Spirit for ourselves, the Church and the world. Then people continued to pray before the Blessed Sacrament throughout the whole night. When Pentecost morning arrived we all gathered together in one place to give God thanks and praise, then we marched out into the streets of Assisi in a special ‘parade of the nations’. The streets were full of joy and colour as we praised and worshiped God in a variety of languages.

We then joined the Bishop and many people from the Diocese who were gathered together in a large tent for a special Pentecost mission. The Bishop invited us to share in the liturgy by singing some charismatic songs and he spoke about us being a living reflection of what actually happened on the first day of Pentecost.

We have a sense that this special event on intercession was just the beginning of what the Lord is calling ICCRS to do regarding the call to intercession. We are currently discerning the next steps that are necessary in order to further encourage and promote the need for strong intercession at local and national levels.

We also hope to offer some further ICCRS events on intercession and work towards forming a global network for intercession.


coming soon


Join a powerful intercessory experience with people from around the world, in Assisi—the home of St. Francis. Then, take part in a special one-day pilgrimage following the event. This international event held in Assisi, Italy with a special focus on intercession, will be an opportunity to:

  • Experience a renewed outpouring of the Holy Spirit
  • Celebrate the Pentecost Triduum and the Pentecost of the Nations with ICCRS in Assisi
  • Deepen our understanding about the call to intercession
  • Intercede for the nations in the power of the Holy Spirit

Pilgrimage following the event There will be a special optional one-day pilgrimage in Assisi from the early afternoon of May 23rd to lunch of May 24th.

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