September 1982

One hundred and thirty leaders from 18 countries of Asia and Oceania gathered in Singapore, September 13th-17th, 1982, to share and pray about “Evangelizing Asia for Christ”. Through 9 talks and 10 workshops, small-groups sharing, rich charismatic liturgies and joyful daily fellowship, the Lord taught the 4 bishops, 37 priests, 8 religious sisters and brothers, and 81 laity the deep meaning and total relevance for the Church in Asia today. (Acts 4: 29-31). Inaugurating the Conference, Archbishop Yong of Singapore expressed his deep conviction that the Charismatic Renewal was God’s gift to the Church, preparing evangelists for Asia by bringing many Christians to “admit, commit, submit, and transmit” – to admit Jesus as one’s personal Savior, to commit one’s life to him as Lord, to submit one’s ministry to the Church founded by Jesus, and then to transmit his Good News to the whole world! At an evening Rally in the National Theatre attended by 3000 people, ICCRO Council member Kevin Ranaghan (USA) led a prayer for healing while the delegates laid hands on the sick as an effective proclamation of the Good News. Other speakers at the Conference, which was organized jointly by ICCRO and the Singapore Service Team, included ICCRO Council members Brian Smith (Australia) and Fr. Fio Mascarenhas (Rome), who stressed the need to be ready to carry the Cross, but always with joyful confidence in Jesus’ ultimate victory, and in serene expectation of his strengthening companionship. The consecutive liturgical feasts of the Exaltation of the Cross, the Seven Dolours of Mary, the Martyrs Cornelius and Cyprian, and the Stigmata of St. Francis on the four days of the Conference, confirmed the Lord’s word that we were called “to be evangelists signed by His blood”.

Taken from the ICCRS Newsletter, September-October 1982

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