6 March 2012

At the Franciscan residence of San Antonio de Arredondo, Córdoba, from November 18th to 20th, was held the XXII National Meeting of Servants of CCR Argentina under the motto “Assuming a decisive openness to the Person of the Holy Spirit, His gifts and charisms, to grow in holiness, to serve the Church and the entire world”.

Attended by 400 leaders from all the country, it was preached by the Director of ICCRS, Oreste Pesare. It also had the presence, for the first time, of the Executive Secretary of the Commission for the Lay Apostolate of the Bishops’ Conference, Fr. Marcelo Iglesias, who presented the “Basic Guidelines” recently aproved by the Argentinian bishops.

The news is that these guidelines recognise and define the CCR in the South American country as a “stream of grace”, which was received by those present with great enthusiasm and deep gratitude.

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