1 July 1996

The Holy Father has appointed Brian Smith a member of the Pontifical Council for Laity.

Brian is Leader of the Emmanuel Covenant Community, President of the International Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities, Adviser to ICCRS and a member of the National Service Committee of Australia.

This appointment is an important affirmation not merely of Brian Smith’s contribution to the Church, CCR and the establishment of the Catholic Fraternity, but also a positive affirmation of the local Church and the Emmanuel Covenant Community and the contribution that the Community has made the Church both locally and internationally.

Brian attributes his early formation to the ten years he spent in the Legion of Mary and to Carmelite spirituality which has been a prominent influence in his life. He has been involved in the Catholic Ecumenical Commission for ten years and with the Charismatic Renewal for over twenty-six years, of which twenty –one have been closely committed to the development of Covenant Communities.

Taken from the ICCRS Newsletter, July-August 1996

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