18 February 2017

A worldwide day of prayer for and with youth of the Charismatic Renewal before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.


50 years of blessings and this is only the beginning!

On February 18, 2017, prayer groups and communities all around the world united in prayer celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Duquesne weekend. This year’s ’Come to me’ event was special: not only youth but all generations gathered to receive a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Our aim was not only to look back and give thanks for all the miracles and graces the Lord gave us throughout these years but to pray for the ongoing Pentecost. There is power in prayer and there is, even more, power when tens of thousands of people join in prayer on all continents!

“I attended the ‘Come to me’-special-event at ‘The Ark & The Dove’, where everything began on the 18th of February 1967! Together with the pioneers from the early days and leaders of the CCR from all over the world we prayed in the chapel where Patti Mansfield and the other students were baptized in the Spirit 50 years ago – and it was an amazing experience! What a privilege to be part of this CCR-family!” – Christof Hemberger, Germany, council member of International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services.

“Come To Me was not just an event for us in Qatar, It was a kairos moment where prophecy came to Pass, Jesus visited us and the congregation renewed their commitment and returned back to their 1 st Love.” – Sunita Mascarenhas, Qatar

“Come to me 2017 was finished by a mass which is celebrated by His Excellence Bishop Gervais, Diocèse of Ngozi. It was as a new Pentecost for CCR of NGOZI” – Herbert Ndayiragije‎, Burundi

“Thank you, Jesus, for your presence and your manifestation in the midst of your faithful. We are there for the worshiped” – Chedvah Ange Gabriel, Kinshasa, DR of Congo

You can read more about the celebration at the Ark & the Dove Rally here.
So we continue our journey towards the Golden Jubilee celebration in Rome with the Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit!

Eva Eberlein

member of the European Subcommittee of ICCRS

Archive Information

Dear Brother and Sisters of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal,

On behalf of the ICCRS Youth Commission, we invite all people of the CCR to join us in Adoration for one hour on 18 February 2017, the 50th Anniversary of the Duquesne weekend, when the Lord poured down His Spirit on the Church, and the Catholic Charismatic Renewal was born.
We as young leaders were inspired at the Prophetic CCR Consultation in Bethlehem, November 2013, to invite all young people in CCR to come together at the same day and to share about this by Facebook. This Event is Called ‘Come to me’.

The first time we held this event, was in 2014, and now we invite people of ALL ages to join us in prayer.

We join together throughout the world in unity, as one family, to pray to the Lord, that by his grace, he will send a fresh out pouring of the Holy Spirit, and that, on the 50th year since the CCR was born, we would see revival come to our world.


I. Who are we asking? All who are involved in any kind of expression of Charismatic Renewal in the Roman Catholic Church
II. Where? Wherever you can meet for prayer in a group
III. When? Preferably 18 February 2017. If this date does not suit you, before of after this date.
IV. How? As the Holy Spirit leads you. It can be adoration, praise, worship, and silent prayer – just come together in the presence of the Lord!

Please organize this event at local level. Try to gather together all prayer groups, communities, ministries, etc. in your area: united prayer is more powerful.


You are welcome to send a post, picture or any message to our Facebook.
Looking forward to joining you in prayer!

God bless you all,
Ian Yardley
On behalf of the ICCRS Youth Commission

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