4 – 9 October 1985

About 200 leaders from 9 countries gathered in Kinshasa, Zaire, October 4-9 1985, to reflect on the theme: “The Renewal, a chance for the African Church”. Two bishops, three vicars-general and several priests and religious were among the delegates at this first-ever and very successful leaders meeting for francophone Africa. ICCRO Council Members Nana Ndana and Hervé Marie Catta, together with Frs. De Monleon and Halter (France) and several speakers from Africa itself provided very high-quality talks and workshops on “The Church and Charismatic Renewal”, “Pastoral Leadership within the Renewal”, and “The Renewal within African Society”. These are to be published soon as booklet. During the conference, a city-wide Rally of prayer groups was held afternoon which drew 10,000 people, a sign of the vitality of the Renewal in the archdiocese which is headed by Cardinal Malula.

Taken from the ICCRS Newsletter, January-February 1986

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