1 August 2012

Responding to the call that Pope John Paul II made in the year 2000 to all movements concerning the urgency and necessity of forming disciples in accordance with the heart of Jesus, ICCRS has developed an international Formation Project for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) based on the theology of the Holy Spirit and on Charismatic spirituality. Since its first programme in 2005 in Rome, the Formation Project has been spread in the five continents through the LFIs and the LTCs, touching the lives of many people and bearing fruits of ecclesial maturity in the leadership. The Council meeting held in Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil) was an opportunity to reflect on the past programmes, recalling the blessings received from the Holy Spirit during each Course and Institute, and the future plans, as a means to step forward in the area of formation and training. You are invited to take part in these programmes and to encourage your brothers and sisters to experience a spiritual and intellectual growth with them! We are glad to share with you a leaflet which contains important information on the Formation Project. Please, download it by clicking on the following link and spread it in you NSC, community and/or prayer group:

Visit the Formation Project page for more information.

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