1 September 1976

As you have probably noticed on our masthead, the International Communication Office is no longer located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In late August, ICO, settled into its new quarters in Brussels, Belgium, where Ralph Martin, director of ICO, is now living with his family and with several other members of the Word of God community. Last October, Cardinal L.J. Suenens, Archbishop of Malines-Brussels, invited Ralph Martin and Steve Clark to join him in Brussels during the coming year in order to work more closely for the Charismatic renewal in the Church and in the world.

The International Communication office was established almost four years ago in order to serve the international development of the Catholic Charismatic renewal. During that time, the office has been instrumental in facilitating communication in the worldwide Charismatic renewal and in fostering the growth of the Renewal in many countries.

Our ability to serve others depends very much on the information you send us, which keeps us in touch with what the Lord is doing in your country. Therefore please continue to write us and to send us newsletters from your area, but to our new address in Belgium.

Because of the change in location of our office, there have also been some changes in personnel. Dick Mishler and Lucy Broad, who have worked in ICO for the past year and a half, remain in Ann Arbor in order to serve more directly in The Word of God each year.

Gary Seromik and Nancy Pflug continue to work in the International Communication Office in Brussels. Bob Bell, who worked for several years as an editor for New Covenant magazine, is now on the staff of ICO in Brussels.

We believe that our move to a new location will help us to serve the Lord even more fully. Please continue to pray for our work.

Taken from the ICO Newsletter, September 1976

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