14 June 2011

In response to the project carried out by the ICCRS Office of collecting “works of art” in honour to the Holy Spirit, Prof. Jorge Tarifa and his wife Fernanda Baffa, from Argentina, made two murals (2.00m × 2.50m each), in Latin American style. One was dedicated to the Holy Spirit and the other to the Baptism in the Spirit’s transforming power. 

On June 14th the paintings were installed in the meeting room “Bp. Joe Grech”, at the ICCRS Office. During the meeting, together with the Tarifa’s family and a group of young people from the Yeshua Community from Buenos Aires, were present the Argentina’s Ambassador to the Holy See, Dr. Juan Pablo Cafiero, as well as participants from various countries in the Rome pilgrimage organized by ICCRS with occasion of the international event held in Assisi to celebrate Pentecost.

ICCRS is deeply thankful to those artists who, through their generous contributions of their works, have given a new impetus to the project on using art as a new expression to spread the “Culture of Pentecost”.

Whoever is interested in donating works of art to the ICCRS Office concerning the above subjects, please contact us through email.

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