30 July 2012

The European Sub-committee of ICCRS has chosen a new chair: Deacon Christof Hemberger from Germany.

He succeeds Darek Jeziorny from Poland, who was chair since 2007. From June 19th till the 21st 2012 the Sub-committee met in Budapest for the first time in the new composition, after the election of new members by the meeting of national representatives, last November in Germany. Katerina Lachmanová from Czech Republic was chosen as new Vice-chair, replacing Pierre Chieux whose term was finished. Darek Jeziorny’s term was also finished.

Deacon Christof Hemberger (born 1974) is full-time working for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) in Germany and a member of the ICCRS Council. PhLic. Katerina Lachmanová, ThD., (born 1964), did her post-graduate studies in theology and psychology in Rome (Theresianum, Gregoriana). She is a chairman of CCR in Czech Republic, she works as psychotherapist in the Pastoral Centre of the Archdiocese of Prague, she teaches psychology and theology in the Faculty of Theology in Prague and works at the editorial board of a Christian publishing house.

From left to right standing: Ged Farrell from Scotland, Christof Hemberger from Germany (Chair), Charles Whithehead from England (Advisor), Fr. Wojciech Nowacki from Poland, Eva Sido from Rumania/Hungary, Jude Muscat from Malta, Oreste Pesare from Italy (ICCRS Director). Down: Katerina Lachmanova from Czech Republic (Vice-chair), Kees Slijkerman from the Nederland (Secretary), Laszlo Gorove from Hungary. Michelle Moran from England (ICCRS President) is missing but she is also a member.

Kees Slijkerman

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