Summer/Autumn 1996

ICCRS New Teaching Ministry

In the summer of 1996, Sr. Nancy Kellar re-located from Rome to New York, USA, to pioneer the newly formed ICCRS Teaching Ministry.

During her time as Director of the ICCRS Rome office, Sr. Nancy had realized that the world-wide Catholic Charismatic Renewal was looking to ICCRS for two quite different services. One was the essential role of a communications and information centre in Rome, organizing conferences and seminars, publishing a newsletter, welcoming visitors, and representing the CCR at the administrative heart of the Church, whilst the other vital service was one of implementing the mission and vision of the CCR through teaching, preaching, visiting, and networking all over the world. Clearly these two services were too much for one person, so the Council decided to divide the administration from the teaching. Sr. Nancy was appointed Service Coordinator of the new travelling and teaching ministry, since when she has visited many countries and has another 12 lined up for the coming months. In her own words, “I thank God and you for this opportunity to minister the great grace of Pentecost and to foster the work of the Charismatic Renewal around the world”.

Our new Director in Rome

Oreste Pesare was appointed by the Council in the autumn of 1996 to succeed Sr. Nancy as the Director of the Rome office, and has quickly settled into the demanding and varied routine of a busy, international information and communication centre. At the week-end he return to his wife and children in Foggia, but he is preparing for them to join him in Rome as soon as possible. Oreste brings many gift to his new role, and has the opportunity to use them all in his work of administration, publishing, communications, and conference organization. We invited him to share with us something of the spiritual journey which has brought him to ICCRS as the Director of the office.

“I think I met the Lord one night in a police station as I cried out to him from the deep bottom of my heart. After several years of dissolute life, I finally said: “God, it will be no use to help me tomorrow morning. If you exist, come into my life now”. A few minutes later I was unexpectedly released. I couldn’t believe it…: God had listened to me, when no one else could have helped…! I totally surrendered my life to Him. It was never the same again. I soon came in touch with a budding charismatic prayer group in Foggia, my home town in Italy. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit at the age of 24, together with my wife to-be, Nunzia.

Now I am 37 years old and have been married for the last eight. We have three children: Giovanni, Serena and Andrea. The Lord has led us on a long and wonderful spiritual journey. I was unbelieving and he has taught me to trust Him. I was dead and He has given me life.

Following the Lord’s leadings and with the support of my community in 1991 I decided to leave my job in order to work full-time for the Lord on a volunteer basis. During three years, while I spent most of my time preaching, my family and I experienced the extraordinary power of Providence as we kept witnessing countless marvels of all sorts. During that time I also attended Catholic formation courses in my home town.

Late in 1994 the Holy Spirit brought me to the heart of the Church. The Archbishop of Foggia called me to be his personal secretary. Working for an Apostle of the Church was a most enriching experience.

Since 1984 I have been a member of the Magnificat Community, which I am currently serving as President. It is a nation-wide charismatic covenant community with a special call to praise and evangelization, and it is also a member of the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities of pontifical right. I am the managing editor of Venite e Vedrete (“Come and See”) – a magazine for charismatic communities in Italy – and a member of the Italian Charismatic Consultation (CCI), which gathers Catholic charismatic and Pentecostal leaders conducting a Spirit-led dialogue.

Being the Executive Director of ICCRS was not at all in my plans. It was the Lord’s idea! The vision in my heart is to work for an increasingly powerful release of the Holy Spirit leading people to forgiveness and oneness – forgiveness and oneness in CCR, in the broken-up Christian world, in the whole Church…so that the world may believe…
My work in the ICCRS Officer started very well. The Holy Spirit’s action is felt constantly, as well as many little difficulties. The staff – Maria Italia, Maria Rosaria and Francesca – and myself are experiencing a Spirit-filled time of hard work for the Charismatic Renewal.

I have no idea where God’s love and mercy will lead me. So far, I have been and will keep on singing every day: my soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord…for He has locked upon His servant in his lowliness”.

Taken from the ICCRS Newsletter, March-April 1997

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