29 September 16

Dear brothers and sisters,

With great joy we announce the resumption of the Cross of the Renewal production and distribution.

The project, conceived and implemented in Canada by our brother René Brimo, now in heaven, to give a symbol of belonging and witness to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal’s stream of grace and for the continued support of ICCRS in its worldwide service mission.

After acquiring the entire ownership and administration rights of the Cross of the Renewal, ICCRS has teamed with ‘Arredi Liturgici Maranatha’, a distributor of religious articles born and developed in the context of the Italian Charismatic Renewal.

Visit the ICCRS WEB site for more information: www.iccrs.org/en/other-products

The retail purchase can be made directly online at the following link: www.arrediliturgici.it, which we ask you to help us spread.

The Service Committees at national and regional level and communities who wish to become ‘distributors’ of the Cross of the Renewal in their areas can contact us directly at: director@iccrs.org for information and any agreements.

Courage, then! Let us use and spread the Cross of the Renewal!

United in Christ!

Oreste Pesare
ICCRS Director

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