Voluntary Service & Occasional Collaboration

Voluntary Service

  • Long Term Service: one year or longer.
  • Short Term Service: two, three or more months, and up to one year.

Experience and Skills

ICCRS seeks well-organized and responsible people who are familiar or capable and willing to learn, in the areas of secretariat, technical service (server and network), graphic design and web mastering, or bookkeeping and administration. As the ICCRS office has an international target of service, it is important that the volunteer helpers speak English in addition to being fluent in another language, possibly Spanish, French, or Italian. Working conditions are in an ecclesial environment, in which people are called to use their gifts and charisms to build each other up. For this reason, it is essential for the staff to have a prayer and sacramental life, and be willing to join a community or prayer group in Rome. Volunteers come to serve Jesus, by serving ICCRS and Charismatic Renewal, and growing in communion and unity with other volunteers… as a Christian family.

Areas of Service

Here is a summary of tasks per “area of service” in which individuals can be asked to offer their service. Each member will be part of one or more of the following areas:

Secretariat and Event Organisation

International communication worldwide, by phone, fax, mail and e-mail, and at local level; multilingual correspondence; filing information and materials; making bookings; events organisation; use of database; greeting and welcoming visitors to the office.

Technical Service

Technical experience in computer hardware and/or server systems; knowledge and ability with back-up systems; experience in firewall, wireless, ADSL procedures, VPN software, network, etc.

Graphic Design, Web mastering and Publishing

Designing and maintaining the website; designing and printing publications; producing publishing material; use of multimedia resources; coordinating translators and proof readers.

Bookkeeping and Administration

General office and events administration; bookkeeping and basic accountancy; effecting bank transactions; keeping inventory; purchasing supplies; effecting payments; and maintaining personal staff members files.

ICCRS Provisions to Volunteers

A. Long Term Service: for no less than one year
  • Gives a monthly allowance, enough to cover basic accommodation and living expenses in Rome;
  • Provides an insurance policy for any eventual incidents and —if needed— a personal health service;
  • Helps in searching and finding a proper accommodation in Rome. The office does not have its own accommodation for the members of the staff.
    B. Short Term Service: for no more than one year
    • Provides an insurance policy for eventual incidents; Short Term Volunteers should have their own insurance for health service;
    • Helps in searching and finding a proper accommodation in Rome. The office does not have its own accommodation for the members of the staff.
    Please Note:
    • ICCRS doesn’t cover travelling expenses from the departing country to Rome, neither —at the end of the service— from Rome back home.
    • People who serve as Short Term Volunteers will receive NO financial allowance for their service at ICCRS.
    • Initially the Long Term Service is subject to an initial 3 month standard trial period before the official acceptance of the collaboration. The Short Term Service standard trial period consists of 15 days.
    • When needed, ICCRS will provide an official invitation letter in order to obtain a Visa for “Election Residence” for the period of service.
    How to become a Short Term or Long Term Volunteer?

    If you are interested in volunteering to serve at the ICCRS office, please send an e-mail to director@iccrs.org with the following information:

    • A detailed CV with all your personal data, experience, competence and skills;
    • A résumé with details about your pastoral path in CCR;
    • A passport style photo;
    • A letter of recommendation from your bishop, group/community leader or the NSC of your country;
    • Any other information that could be useful to ICCRS in order to know the candidate.

    Occasional Collaboration

    ICCRS counts on the help of those who are willing to collaborate with their God-given talents and time, furthering their mission in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

    Residents in Rome are welcomed to collaborate with their good will and willingness at the ICCRS office. By serving ICCRS, they will be serving the CCR worldwide.

    We invite collaborators to come to the office, after making an agreement with the ICCRS Staff, to fulfil some simple tasks but specific that can be a helpful service (i.e. helping with sorting and mailing the newsletters or organising at the library, among many other tasks).

    If you are willing to collaborate, please contact us at
    or call us at
    +39 06 69887126/7.

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